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Address.      Langhus, Nordre Follo kommune, Norway

Year of design.      2018-2019

Year of construction.      2019-2021

Client.      Solon Eiendom AS

Landscape consultant.      Dronninga Landskap AS

Gross area.      128 apartments, approximately 8200 m² BRA

Photography.      Sigurd Fandango

Parkveien at Langhus is a part of the future environmentally friendly housing densification around Oslo connected to the railway network. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Langhus station. The project has its own plan for green mobility, which includes low parking coverage, a car pool and bicycle facilities.
The project is conceived and planned as a village, a hamlet of small apartment buildings that form a car-free and distinctive residential environment. The settlement consists of seven point houses on 4 to 5 floors. The buildings are architecturally adapted to the neighborhood's single-family housing. An old country store is preserved and becomes part of this small town environment. Emphasis has been placed on creating a good neighborhood with meeting places outside between the houses, in the square and on common roof terraces. It has facilitated a green lifestyle. The outdoor areas are planned with nice and green vegetation, safe play areas and good quality. It will be possible for private roof garden plots in connection with common roof terraces.
The buildings have large windows, and the facades are clad with wood and light boards. The wood is pulled in ribbons around the building bodies. The bands become balconies that protrude from the corners. The apartments are designed to be both flexible, compact and generous with consistently solid book quality. Most apartments have bright corner living rooms with views to two sides and access to a balcony or large terrace. From the living room to the bedroom there are mainly sliding doors. When they are open, the feeling of space is increased and the apartment is perceived as larger. The solution is also flexible and the rooms can be used for various purposes such as a TV room or office, if you do not need them as a bedroom.

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